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Friday I’m in Bordeaux 

🎶 I don’t care if Monday’s blue

Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too

Thursday I don’t care about you

It’s Friday I’m in bordeaux 🎶

Oh wait, The Cure didn’t sing exactly this haha 😄

Today I’m in a jumping mood, literally..! Dynamic and full of energy for the upcoming weekend, today no static photos 😅

I love this dress, this outfit plus the Sicilian sun are my mood boosters. What about you? How do you feel about today?

Have a great working day and wonderful Friday!

Dress: Alcott
Shoes: PittaRosso
Accessories: mummy’s adorable Furla bag, Swarovski activity crystal
Jumps: cappuccino powered 😄

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A cup of creativity & joy 💓

Hello people!
This morning I wanted a cup of creativity & joy for breakfast 😄
Of course I needed my loved cappuccino as well, but whenever I can, I let my imagination run wild lol.

So I created it with petals, leaves and colorful post it notes, then my Nikon helped we go!

I used the same petals and leaves for this “whatever you do, do it with love & a smile”

I want to make clear that the rose was dying, so I used to create…😉
Of course you can see in both photos my adorable obag bracelets!

Whatever do you, you need some creativity & imagination, never lose it!
Happy Thursday 😘


A special gift ..🙃

A special gift to you..
You will look awesome with it,
It’s contagious but it’s good
or it will even make you healthier,
all I want is to make you happier.
It’s a curve but sets everything straight
& more I can’t wait…!
Open it 🙃

Gift a smile, even when it’s hard, always find a reason to smile.
I don’t say that because I’m obsessed with teeth but I think it’s  something very special & giving back the smile is something that warm your heart..☺️

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Little things aren’t little


Right, little things aren’t little at all!
Everyone wants to be happy but very often we forget to enjoy the little things happening every day.
Luckily sometimes we stop and think about them, because happiness is a coffee with a friend, sea view in the morning, a good plate for lunch, a hug, a smile, a patient saying thank you and many other things..
So it’s the little things in life, let’s enjoy them (obviously I have to remind myself as well) & happy weekend people 🙏🏻😊

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A cute food love story

imageSo that’s how bread, cheese and tomatoes fell in love 🐻❤️🐻!
Very easy and super fast, great as snack, perfect for salads, what do you think?
I used cheese, tomatoes, whole-wheat bread and Ponti gastronomic glaze, common foods plus a spoonful of creativity.
Buon appetito!

Ecco come pane, formaggio e pomodori si innamorarono 🐻❤️🐻!
Molto facile e super veloce, ottimo come snack, perfetto per le insalate, che ne pensate?
Ho usato formaggio, pomodori, pane integrale e glassa gastronomica Ponti, cibi comuni più una cucchiaiata di creatività.
Buon appetito!