Daily intention blackboard πŸŽˆ

Happy Saturday people!

Yesterday I found this cute blackboard, I love it!

 So it’s now my daily intention blackboard, every day I can write something and it’ll remind me a good intention..of course! 😁

Actually it can be a very nice DIY idea, even for week, months or years intentions, because we all need a good dose of motivation when we get home.


Health, beauty & style

Green plissΓ© skirt πŸ‘—


Don’t you love nature? I think anything naturally green is so stress-relieving and relaxing! this dark green pleated skirt, Β so simple, classy but it can make any outfit special, impossible not to have one in your closet.

Of course it’s the main piece of this outfit, so I wear it with a white shirt(another evergreen..sticking to the point 😊), ankle boots and this leopard print sunglasses 😎

ps:oh yeah Sicily is still warm, even in November! (Don’t hate me 😬)
πŸ•Ά: Camomilla
πŸ‘—: Bershka



Cute shabby & positive thoughts πŸŒΏ

Happy Sunday people!

How are you doing? I don’t know about you, but for me Sundays are all home dedicated: fixing, cleaning, home decorating..of course wearing a lovely cozy pijama all day πŸ‘ŒπŸ».

My house reconstruction is almost over, so it’s time to get creative and inspired to decor my  white mansard interiors, is there anything more exciting?! 😁 

sure it’s my “White period” and shabby chic is just for me! I plan some turquoise or sea blue details to color the space..anyway today I found this very cheap but cute “welcome” tag and flower pot, these fit perfectly. 

So I created this cute “welcome angle”, sure my loved teddy bear is welcoming you to my little world (just temporarily πŸ˜‰).

I was looking for a nice plant or flower and I found this lovely aloe vera, any time I’ll take care of it, I’ll remember myself this very important proverb:

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” 

Nothing more hope you like it, if you have any suggestion, pages etc that can help, just let me know.

Lots of love


Health, beauty & style

ο»ΏFuchsia pink blink πŸ’ž


Hello everyone!

Ok it’s cold outside,it’s raining and everything’s so grey..but we should not let the negativity hit us, so I’ve decided to let these pink vibes hit me and color my day.

I think denim shirts are fabulous and very versatile, a must-have in your wardrobe and any season outfit-savior 😬
This bag is one of my favorites so the right mix for mood boosting! 

If it’s true “dress well feel well” then everyday it’s a special occasion to wear something you like and express yourself, your mood will be better and it will energize your workday πŸ™πŸ»

So dress lovely & have a nice Friday yaayy! 


“Teeth are always in style”

Your most fashionable accessory?
It’s unique brand, free and naturally makes you feel pretty..
Curious people, what’s that?! Your smile! since teeth are always in style and smiling has so many positive effects for you and anyone around you, just smile more.

Especially take care of your oral health, your teeth are so unique, without them you won’t able to do two things we love most: eating and smiling! πŸ˜„

Food lovers, smile lovers, life lovers have a great Tuesday!