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I wanna be a tooth fairy 👗✨

Hello my darlings!

Do you all know the tooth fairy?! Or does a little “tooth mouse”come in your country when children lose their baby teeth? Here in Italy probably both 😁

In any case  they are all fantasy  figures of our childhood and part of our life even after it, especially if you are a dentist and love teeth like me 😄

That’s why I want to be a tooth fairy..This is  what we try to do everyday at work and of course sharing childrens magical world is an amazing part of our job.

So let’s try to be her and add some sparkle with this cute outfit and my loved dental friends 😂

Shoes: gold&gold
Toothbrush plush IKEA & the lovely Molarius Voco

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Coffee & Smile ✨


Can you start your morning without coffee? Sure not!

If you are a coffee lover like me don’t forget little tips to avoid stains on your teeth

1. Don’t brush immediately after eating or drinking coffee and other acid beverages. If you cannot avoid it use at least a straw.
Generally wait half an hour👌🏻

2. Caffè macchiato or coffee with milk may cause less stains but if you love pure coffee then rinse your mouth with water or have a glass of water after your coffee. 

So be a happy coffee lover with a bright smile! 

Last but not least don’t forget to smile! 

Chiara 🐻

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Green plissé skirt 👗


Don’t you love nature? I think anything naturally green is so stress-relieving and relaxing! this dark green pleated skirt,  so simple, classy but it can make any outfit special, impossible not to have one in your closet.

Of course it’s the main piece of this outfit, so I wear it with a white shirt(another evergreen..sticking to the point 😊), ankle boots and this leopard print sunglasses 😎

ps:oh yeah Sicily is still warm, even in November! (Don’t hate me 😬)
🕶: Camomilla
👗: Bershka


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Fuchsia pink blink 💞


Hello everyone!

Ok it’s cold outside,it’s raining and everything’s so grey..but we should not let the negativity hit us, so I’ve decided to let these pink vibes hit me and color my day.

I think denim shirts are fabulous and very versatile, a must-have in your wardrobe and any season outfit-savior 😬
This bag is one of my favorites so the right mix for mood boosting! 

If it’s true “dress well feel well” then everyday it’s a special occasion to wear something you like and express yourself, your mood will be better and it will energize your workday 🙏🏻

So dress lovely & have a nice Friday yaayy! 

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Friday I’m in Bordeaux 

🎶 I don’t care if Monday’s blue

Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too

Thursday I don’t care about you

It’s Friday I’m in bordeaux 🎶

Oh wait, The Cure didn’t sing exactly this haha 😄

Today I’m in a jumping mood, literally..! Dynamic and full of energy for the upcoming weekend, today no static photos 😅

I love this dress, this outfit plus the Sicilian sun are my mood boosters. What about you? How do you feel about today?

Have a great working day and wonderful Friday!

Dress: Alcott
Shoes: PittaRosso
Accessories: mummy’s adorable Furla bag, Swarovski activity crystal
Jumps: cappuccino powered 😄